I AM...
Let me introduce myself :)

I'm an asian girl and was born somewhere in Europe.

xoxo YLHP

Anything else? Probably not .
I would like to share a part of my little dark secret....

Art is my hobby and passion.....

My love
My love since 290409....<3

My darling, my babe, my honey, my sweetie, my cutiepie, my lieffie, my poepske, my boyfriend<33 We've been strong together. I love how you can always make me smile and laugh out loud. Being so silly and random but also serious and supportive. You're the best boyfriend I ever had. You understand me. I love how you complete my life<3 I love how you still give me those butterflies. Babes, I just want to tell you, I really really really LOVE you.
My Bitches
My best bitches on asiantown

Through these years on asiantown. (online) buddies come and go. Some stay in your life and most of them don't. But these bitches are the best, because they're my bitches<3 HA! They're currently the ones who stayed for the longest :) loveliessss <3

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